The Passion:

Every day we strive to create an environment of genuine warmth, both through our efforts in honest, welcoming hospitality and by the standard of excellence with which we hold our cuisine.  We are committed to offering our guests the opportunity to not just enjoy great dishes, but to also reconnect with their passion for food and wine in a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere.

The Ingredients:

We feel incredibly lucky to be a part of the College Park community, so when we decided to move K Restaurant into the historic home it now inhabits, we took its character and allowed it to permeate our menu. We embraced the unique challenges of this space and made its weaknessess our strengths. We operate without the walk-in cooler or large freezer system of most restaurants, ensuring that we get fresh product in each and every day.
We took the backyard of this old house and converted into a fresh herb and vegetable garden that we regularly utilize for our menu. Guests are encouraged to take their wine on a tour of the garden or join us for the regular events we hold there.

The Community:

K is grateful to the community that has allowed for our success, and is deeply involved with charities within the College Park community.  We support local small businesses, working almost exclusively with ethically and sustain-ably operated local farms.

Our Farms:

Waterkist Farms
Sanford, Florida

This farm offers us great quality herbs and produce.  Their hydroponic heirloom tomatoes are consistently exceptional.

Palmetto Creek Farm
Avon Park, Florida
A local family farm that offers us some of the best quality pork, ethically raised the way nature intended.



3 Boys Farms
Ruskin, Florida
Organic hydroponic farm with 1 acre under glass offering great quality produce grown in an immaculate pest-free space eliminating the need for harmful chemicals.



Deep Creek Ranch
Deland, Florida
Certified organic ranchers in East Central Florida offering great beef and exceptional lamb.

Lake Meadows Naturals
Orlando, Florida
Locally raised cage-free birds unaltered with grown hormones, antibiotics or chemicals.

Orlando Junior Academy

Orlando Junior Academy is a small school in college park where Kevin volunteers his time.  During the 2010-2011 school year Chef Kevin worked in the cafeteria every day preparing fresh, healthy lunches for the students of OJA while creating a program that can be sustained by the school staff including supporting the school’s garden that has been awarded “Best School Garden for the State of Florida” by the University of Central Florida.  Kevin’s work at the school was recognized by Michelle Obama as a part of her
“Chef’s Move to School” initiative, earning him an invitation to tour the White House garden.  For the 2011-2012 Kevin has stepped out of the cafeteria and is now volunteering his time as an educator.  Every Thursday Kevin volunteers for a full teaching schedule for the day.  He uses cooking instruction as an integrated education method where the students learn about nutrition, biology, chemistry, practice math skills  and the cleanliness and discipline necessary for a culinary career.